Discovery PICO Whitening and Spot Killer Treatment

With the highest power (1.8GW) and energy output (800mJ) among similar picosecond laser devices, the FAD-approved and CE-certified DISCOVERY PICO can differentiate itself in the market by providing more effective treatments for skin problems such as pigmentation.

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How does it compare to the traditional picosecond laser?

The DISCOVERY PICO is the fastest and most powerful picosecond laser, it is comparable to a super sports car in the picosecond treatments market.

Desire to improve capillaries and pigmentations?

The PTP Mode (Skin Rejuvenation Mode) utilises a 0.3ms pulse width output to activate and restructure collagen, improves the condition of enlarging capillaries and thoroughly improve vascular melasma.

What are the other applicable areas apart from the face?

It can also apply on the dull areas of the body such as elbows and knees.

Product Description

Product Efficacy

Applicable Areas and Precautions

The 3 Main Features of DISCOVERY PICO:

Exclusive flat cap-shaped square laser

4 different energy levels of probe to help tackling skin problems

Greater energy delivery for rapid pigmentation treatment


4 Different energy levels of the probe:


PTP Mode

Short Pulse

Segmented Pico

Discovery PICO's winning points:

Instant shatters of facial blemishes with 1.8 billion watts of high energy output

Counteracts the law of post-inflammatory pigmentation with the speedy strike of laser picosecond

Activates collagen regeneration with 532 and 1064nm dual wavelengths for simultaneous skin rejuvenation and firming


4 different energy levels of the probe to help the conditions of hyperpigmentation, microvascular dilation, acne scars, enlarged pores etc.

Q-Switch: Bullet-like in the process of breaking up superficial pigmentation

PTP Mode: Thoroughly improves the appearance of vascular melasma

Short Pulse: Reduces capillaries mark

Segmented Pico: Minimally invasive to non-invasive, helps to reduce wrinkles, enlarged pores, bumps, acne scars, etc.

Helps resolving hyperpigmentation, enlarged capillaries, acne scars, enlarged pores and other skin problems

Applicable areas

Face and body areas with dull colour

Activating the collagen production


Under normal circumstances, you are able to get back to your usual activities and daily routines shortly after the treatment.

Purchase Options:

5 DISCOVERY PICO Brightening Treatments + 5 Growth Factor Treatments

  • Instant shatters of facial blemishes
  • Activates collagen regeneration
  • Improves skin dullness and uneven skin tone